• Ryukyu Awamori Shima uta (Japanese: 琉球泡盛 島唄)

    “Shima uta” means a folk song which has been sung in Okinawa from generation to generation, in hope that this Awamori will similarly be passed on for generations.

  • Masahiro Okinawa Craft Gin

    The first craft gin from Okinawa, Japan.
    Using carefully selected botanicals, we pursued the production process of gin that makes the most of its characteristics.

  • KUJIRA Ryukyu Whisky (Japanese: 鯨)

    The KUJIRA Ryukyu Whisky is distilled from 100% premium rice and crafted from hand-picked whiskies of different ages selected by the master blenders, creating harmonious flavors and aromas.

  • SEARA Japanese craft vodka

    SEARA is a Japanese craft vodka produced in Okinawa, Japan. It is made of a blend of rice and wheat distillates and has a smooth, creamy, and subtle sweet taste.

  • SHAN HAI LAN Ryukyu Baijiu (Japanese: 山海藍)

    SHAN HAI LAN was created in Okinawa, a tropical region in Japan. It is a Ryukyu Baijiu made from 100% rice with black kome-koji.

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