• Awamori Shimauta

    The name of the "Shima Uta" is derived from the idea of making Awamori like ""Okinawan island songs,"" which have been sung and loved for generations.

  • Masahiro Okinawa Gin

    The first craft gin from Okinawa in 2017.
    Carefully selected six different types of botanicals, and pursued the production of gin making the most of its characteristics.

  • Kujira

    The Kujira Ryukyu Whisky is distilled from 100% premium rice and crafted from hand-selected whiskies covering different ages by the master blender, creating a harmonious flavors and aromas.

  • SEARA Japanese craft vodka

    SEARA is a Japanese craft vodka produced in Okinawa, Japan.
    Blend of rice and wheat distillates, it has a smooth, creamy and subtle sweet taste.

  • Okinawa Baiju 山海藍

    It is a black yeast Baiju made from 100% rice.
    The delicate, fresh aroma and mild taste of rice and black malted rice Please enjoy the subtle sweetness of the flavor.

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