SEARA Japanese craft vodka


SEARA is a Japanese craft vodka produced in Okinawa, Japan.

The name “SEARA” is a combination of the words “sea” in
English and “sky” in Japanese, “sora”, representing the tropical
atmosphere of Okinawa. Blend of rice and wheat distillates, it has a
smooth, creamy and subtle sweet taste.


The warm tropical climate.
The emerald green, crystal clear sea.
The lush evergreen forests that cover the islands.
The energetic power of the cheerful Okinawan people.

Product : Japanese craft vodka
Price : Lower than other Japanese craft vodka
Alcohol : 40 percent
Bottle : 700ml
Distiller : Masahiro Distillery
Production : Made in Okinawa
Dink format : Soda, YELLW FELLOWRicky, etc.

Delicate sweetness and mellow aroma of rice, with a fresh scent of fruit and other essences brings just a hint of inspiration.

Clean taste without bitterness, but mellow with a slight thickening that runs smoothly through the mouth and enhances the natural sweetness of the rice.

Smooth finish with a pleasant, slightly sweet aftertaste from the birch filtration.

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