SEARA Japanese craft vodka


SEARA is a Japanese craft vodka produced in Okinawa, Japan.

The name “SEARA” is a combination of the English word “sea” and the Japanese word “sora,” meaning “sky” in Japanese, representing the tropical atmosphere of Okinawa. It is made of a blend of rice and wheat distillates and has a smooth, creamy, and subtle sweet taste.

· Product name: SEARA Japanese craft vodka
· Japanese product name: SEARA ジャパニーズクラフト ウォッカ
· Category: Japanese craft vodka
· Alcohol Content: 40%
· Volume: 500mL
· Main ingredients: Wheat, Rice
· Manufacture: MASAHIRO SHUZO CO., LTD.
· Production area: Japan, Okinawa

〜Tasting Notes〜
AROMA: It has a delicate sweetness and mellow aroma of rice, with a fresh scent of fruit and other essences, which brings a hint of inspiration.

TASTE: It has a clean taste without bitterness, but is mellow with a slight thickening that runs smoothly through the mouth and enhances the natural sweetness of the rice.

AFTERTASTE: It has a smooth, pleasant and slightly sweet aftertaste created from the birch filtration.

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