Okinawa Baiju 山海藍


Shanhairan was born in Okinawa, a tropical country in Japan.
It is a black yeast Baiju made from 100% rice.

It is made with the blessings of nature, distilling techniques that have been used for more than 130 years, and
The challenge was to create a high quality white sake by utilizing the skills of Japanese artisans.
The delicate, fresh aroma and mild taste of rice and black malted ric
Please enjoy the subtle sweetness of the flavor.

The challenge of making white sake from Japan and Okinawa
Commitment to mellow drops made with 100% rice
In 2021, Shanhairan was born in Okinawa, an island south of Japan.

When “Shanhairan” was first dropped into the distiller
I have never felt such an aroma before.
I still remember the overflow.

100% rice, and appreciated in China, the home of white liquor.
I want to make delicious white sake.
We are able to take on this challenge without any compromise.
Perhaps it is because we are a small brewery.
The brewery is a place where those who are fascinated by sake brewing
Listening to the silent voice of the people
We took on the challenge of making white sake that reaches the heart.