SHAN HAI LAN Ryukyu Baijiu (Japanese: 山海藍)


SHAN HAI LAN (Japanese: 山海藍) was created in Okinawa, a tropical region in Japan. It is Ryukyu Baijiu made from 100% rice with black kome-koji. We exclusively use the finest rice and distill it twice to produce this spirit.

We want to make delicious white spirits that are highly regarded in China, the home of spirits, using 100% rice. We keep trying to achieve this goal without compromising, probably because we are a small distillery. Listening to the voices of the voiceless, we are taking on the challenge to produce white spirits that reach your heart.

· Product name: SHAN HAI LAN Ryukyu Baijiu
· Japanese product name: 山海藍 琉球白酒
· Category: Ryukyu Baijiu
· Alcohol Content: 40%
· Volume: 500mL
· Main ingredients: Rice
· Manufacture: MASAHIRO SHUZO CO., LTD.
· Production area: Japan, Okinawa

〜Tasting Notes〜
AROMA: It has a refreshing fruity aroma with hints of green apples and bananas.

TASTE: It has a soft, refreshing, and smooth taste with an elegant aroma.

AFTERTASTE: It has a moderate strength of refreshing aroma and is easy to drink.